PHP Laravel project: Build a shipment tracker

In this guided project, you’ll use PHP Laravel to build a shipment tracking dashboard. In the dashboard, user can enter shipping ID and get the current status of shipment. You will learn how to use APIs of 3rd party shipping companies and use PHP Laravel in a real world application.

On completing the project, you'll get a certificate. You will also be considered for the role of software developer for a bigger project of building an online shipment booking platform.

  • Guidance to use PHP Laravel in building an order tracking dashboard
  • Daily interaction to clarify doubts & clear roadblocks
  • Project completion certificate
  • Get hired as developer based on performance in the project
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  • Project Timeline

    Part 1:
    Setting up the environment
    Installing required modules
    Project overview
    Recap on PHP Laravel needed in the project

    Part 2:
    Project guidance
    Project completion
    Introduction to bigger project with stipend(shipment booking platform)

  • About Instructor

    I'm Dheer Lalit Gupta. I have 18+ years of experience in the software industry performing Project Management, People Management and Software Development. I'm currently the founder of Greenbubbles. I help aspiring software developers apply their programming knowedge to do real world projects.

  • What you'll learn

    - Learn the application of PHP Laravel (most widely used framework in software development)
    - Learn how to use 3rd party shipping APIs
    - Application of SOAP and Rest APIs

  • Who should apply

    Anyone looking to apply PHP Laravel in a real world software development project. Those who perform well will be considered for a software developer role in a bigger project.

  • Pre-requisites

    Basic knowledge of PHP Laravel

  • Time Commitment

    8 hours in total



8 hours




INR 499


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