Python project: Build a Google-like web-crawler

Web crawling is used by many companies for lead generation, competitor pricing analysis and market research and is a must-have skill in a developer or data scientist.

In this project, I will guide you to build a Google-like web-crawler on your own, which starts from a URL and crawls every link within it.

Get a certificate from my company once you complete the project.

  • Build a web-crawler on your own using Python
  • Step-by-step guidance on tasks to be done
  • Curated learning material provided
  • Add Project certificate to your CV
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  • What you'll learn

    HTTP GET request basics
    How to do a web request in Python
    How to parse HTML using BeautifulSoup
    How to save a file on disk using Python
    How to save data to a database
    How to query the database
    How to use threading to optimize a process
    Web crawling gotchas

  • About Instructor

    I'm Ananth SNC. I started my software development journey as a freelance programmer 10 years ago, while I was studying at IIT Kharagpur. During this time, I have learnt many programming languages, built web and Mobile apps for 200+ companies and founded 3 companies on my own.

  • Who should apply

    Anyone looking to use programming knowedge to build a real project that adds value to your CV

  • Pre-requisites

    Basic programming knowledge



2 weeks




INR 999