Data Science guided project: Nutrition analysis of restaurant menus

I’m Shubham. I work as a Senior Researcher in an EdTech company. I've developed learning solutions in Data Science to help and guide 1000+ students.

In this project, you'll do Exploratory Data Analysis to analyse the nutritional aspects of a McDonald's menu and generate recommendations.

To guide you in the project, I will also teach you Statistics, Python, Data Visualisation and Regression modelling through live classes and assignments. I will personally guide you to understand concepts, complete the project and get a headstart for a career in Data Science.

  • Live classes on Python, Statistics, EDA, Regression
  • Industry Project on Data Science
  • Project Completion Certificate
  • 1 week FREE Trial
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  • Class Curriculum

    Project: Nutritional analysis of a McDonald's menu

    The dataset provides a nutrition analysis of every menu item on the US McDonald’s menu. You will do a nutritional analysis and generate healthy recommendations.

    Analysis is expected to answer questions like:
    How many calories does the average McDonald’s value meal contain? Is it really healthier to order grilled chicken instead of crispy? What is the healthiest combination of items that you would have to eat to get your daily nutritional requirements?

    Week 1: Python for Data Science
    Statistics for Data Science

    Week 2:
    Understanding Dataset along with Problem statement
    Data science methodologies, Visualization in-depth
    Answer questions with data using Exploratory Data Analysis [data to insights]

    Week 3:
    Foundations of Regression
    Linear & Logistics Regression
    Uses, Applications, Assumptions
    Hands-on coding demonstrating regression using Scikit Learn and OLS

  • What you'll learn

    - Programming in Python
    - Statistics
    - Data Visualization
    - Exploratory Data Analysis
    - Regression Modelling
    - Analysing a dataset and problem statement

  • About Instructor

    I am Shubham. I work as a Senior Researcher in an Ed-Tech company where I develop learning solutions in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning and AI. I have helped and guided 1000+ students through my curated learning programs. I'm passionate about teaching students to work on real-world datasets and do industry relevant projects from scratch.

  • Who should apply

    This is ideal for those who want to learn how Data Science concepts are applied in an industry project

    This project will give you a clear understanding of core concepts and will be a relevant addition to your profile.

  • Pre-requisites

    No pre-requisites. Come with an open mind & laptop. Basic programming knowledge is a bonus.

  • Time Commitment

    In a week, 2 hours in class and 8 hours outside class


Batch Size

3 weeks

Course Duration



INR 1,999


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