Full-stack development project: Build a file-sharing web app

Building a real web application will boost your technical knowledge and help you stand out as a full stack web developer.

In this full-stack development project, you will build a file sharing service like Dropbox under my guidance. The project will give you hands-on knowledge of Python Flask web framework, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap UI framework. My company will give you a project certificate and recommendation letter for Full-stack and backend developer roles.

  • Work like a full-stack developer at a Tech company
  • Curated material provided to learn concepts
  • Step-by-step guidance to complete the project
  • Add project certificate to your resume
  • 7-day full refund (no questions asked)
  • Early bird limited offer: 50% off at Rs.499
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  • Project Curriculum

    Level 1: Brush up on fundamentals
    Learn Python, HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap fundamentals
    Understanding MongoDB and how data is stored and retrieved

    Level 2: Login & Sign up
    Set up the data structure
    Understand HTTP sessions
    Implement a secure authentication flow

    Level 3: Get started with Files
    Build UI using Bootstrap
    Show list of uploaded files in the UI
    Handling file uploads

    Level 4: File Sharing
    Make files shareable via permalinks
    Allow downloading of uploaded files

    Read the Project specifications document here

  • What you'll learn

    How to work like a Full-stack developer at a Tech company
    How web applications are built
    HTTP protocol in detail
    Python Flask web framework
    Bootstrap UI framework
    Building Authentication Flows
    Handling File uploads and downloads

  • About Instructor

    I'm Ananth SNC. I started my software development journey as a freelance programmer 10 years ago, while I was in college at IIT Kharagpur. During this time, I have learnt many programming languages, built web and mobile apps for over 200 companies and started 3 companies on my own.

  • Who should apply

    Anyone looking to do a real project to build profile for backend and full-stack developer roles

  • Pre-requisites

    Basic programming knowledge

  • Jobs that you'll become eligible for

    Backend developer, Full-stack developer



6 weeks




INR 999