Become a Data Scientist: Industry Projects & Placement assistance

I’m Pankaj Chandravanshi. I’m a Machine Learning Engineer at Valuence Tech. Inc., Tokyo.

In this program, I will guide you to learn Data Science, do industry level projects and get placed in a Data science role.

You'll work on real projects which will help you get hired as a Data Scientist.

  • Industry projects using data science and machine learning concepts
  • 1-1 Guidance to learn concepts, complete the projects and get placed
  • Placement assistance to get into a Data Science role
  • Project Certificate provided
  • 7-day full refund guarantee
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  • Curriculum

    Level I: Data Science Fundamentals

    Intro to Data Science
    - What is Data Science?
    - Tools for data Science.
    Python Programming
    - Data Science Methodology

    Role of Machine Learning in data science
    - Intro to most used machine learning algorithms.
    - 2 ML projects using the algorithms.

    Reading/Visualization of Data and Web Scraping
    - Database Management systems
    - Cloud Technologies
    - Data wrangling and Data analysis
    - Web Scraping

    Way to Data Science Projects
    - Developing strategies for a DS Model Development and Evaluation
    - Build 2 projects on Kaggle

    Level II : Deep Learning:
    - Intro to some popular DL algorithms
    - Transfer Learning
    - Tensorflow hub
    - Popular DL Models
    - 1 project using the concept of Tensorflow hub and Transfer Learning.

    Level III: App Development and Deployment

    - Intro to WebDev and Android Studio.
    - Basics of Flask
    - Basics of Android Studio

    Project I : Build a web application from scratch that predicts the best restaurants in your locality.

    Project II: Build a web application and an Android app that recognizes a given object from a live video/image feed.

  • About Instructor

    I’m Pankaj Chandravanshi. I’m a Machine Learning Engineer at Valuence Inc., Tokyo. I graduated from IIT Guwahati & worked with Health AI and National Tshing Hua University, Taiwan on Machine Learning. I have helped more than 20 freshers learn Data Science through real projects and get placed in companies.

  • What you'll learn

    - Strong foundational knowledge of Data Science Concepts.

    - Become ready to apply for DS/ML roles & start your Data Science career

    - Python Programming, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, RDMS, Predictive Modelling, Cloud Technology, SQL, Flask*, Android Studio*, Data Science, Machine Learning, Tensorflow hub, Transfer Learning.

  • Who should apply

    Anyone who wants to start a career in Data Science or Machine Learning. If you want to do industry-level projects and get shortlisted for Data Science roles, this program is for you.

  • Pre-requisites

    Basic knowledge of Python or any programming language



5 months