Android Development guided-project: Build a grocery app

In this guided-project, you'll learn Android mobile app development from scratch and build an app on your own.

We will deep dive into Core Java, Object Oriented Programming Concepts and advanced app development concepts. You will be building an end-to-end version of a Grocery store app. After this, you will work with my team on an existing Android app and apply what you learnt.

I will personally guide you in the journey through daily stand-up meetings and weekly sessions. Best performers will be offered a full-time role or paid internship.

  • Guidance to learn Java, Android and use it to build a grocery app
  • Daily interaction to discuss progress, clear doubts & roadblocks
  • Project completion certificate provided by company
  • Get hired as developer based on performance in the project
  • 1 Week Free Trial | Scholarship available
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  • Curriculum

    Week 1, 2, 3: Core Java

    Introductory session where I will explain important Java concepts & how to use the Internet to learn Java
    Webpages & Videos with Core Java material that you need to study
    10 different task based programs that you must complete to advance to Android app development

    Week 4: Android Basics*

    Setting up your Development Environment
    Introduction to Android Studio
    Introduction to designing layouts using XML
    Activity lifecycle

    Week 5, 6, 7: Start your Grocery App

    Designing layouts for the App
    Events & Event Handlers
    AsyncTask for HTTP Requests
    Using Open Source third-party plugins

    Week 8, 9: Complete the App

    Streamlining App UX (Navigation, Alerts)
    Payment Gateway Integration on Frontend

    Week 10, 11, 12: Work on real Android app with my team

    Introduction to Git Version Control
    Work with team to complete tasks for Android App development
    Hands-on experience of Development, Testing and Review cycle in a real work environment

    *People with prior knowledge of Java can start here

  • About Instructor

    I'm Ananth SNC. I started my software development journey as a freelance programmer 10 years ago, while I was studying at IIT Kharagpur. During this time, I have learnt many programming languages, built web and Mobile apps for 200+ companies and founded 3 companies on my own.

  • Who should apply

    Anyone looking to learn Android mobile app development and work on a real project

  • Pre-requisites

    Interest in programming and determination towards becoming a software developer.
    Development Environment - Laptop or Desktop with atleast Core i5 Processor and 8 GB RAM

  • Time Commitment

    150 hours in total. The project can be completed in 8-12 weeks depending on your weekly time commitment.



150 hours




INR 11999


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