Why does Flinkhub take email metadata such as headers or labels?
At Flinkhub, we aim to provide a right way to reach out to someone. We use metadata information to identify which all companies you can reach out to through your network.
Does Flinkhub store any subject or body data?
We don't store email subject or email body. We use metadata (excluding subject) to identify connection strength.
How do I control my data?
On the top right of any page you will see visibility change button. On clicking that you can choose what you want to share with your community.
How can I delete my data from Flinkhub?
To delete your data, you can visit this link. We would appreciate if you can provide us a reason as well.
Why should I join any Flinkhub Circle?
We are living in an era where mass emailing and spams are growing. In that noise, genuine messages get lost. Flinkhub provides a trusted bridge for mutually beneficial opportunities.
Who will be able to see my network?
You control your data. By default, your first degree connections will be able to see your network and the circles that you join. You can also control how much visibility do you want to give to each circle.