New way to reach businesses

What can you use it for?




Shortlist companies based on industry, size, location, technologies used and get warm introductions to them through people in your network



Find the best path to reach investors through warm introductions. Increase your chance of closing deals by 10X



Job Referrals

See the fastest growing companies in your network who are hiring. Find the right connection who can refer you to each company


Business Partnerships

Find companies who are best suited to partner with you. Reach them through a warm introduction



What customers say about us

We are a team of AI researchers. Finding the right companies who need our product was challenging. Flinkhub not only helped us in identifying the right companies but also enabled us to reach out to them via warm introductions.

Raman Shrivastava / Marax AI

As a Google sales partner, I used to spend a lot of time finding the right companies to target. Flinkhub provides me prioritized prospects in my network for which I have higher chances of winning.

Nishant Singh/ Searce


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